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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Let there be light.....

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I swear this is an unaltered photograph - and I also admit that I did not see this view before I photographed my bead, and that I can't see it now, no matter how closely I peer at the bead from various angles.  Something in the light shining through the bead at the exact moment the shot was taken gave gorgeous results...

Which, really, is the beauty of boro glass work.  Boro is manufactured with a lot of silver in it (and some other elements as well) which results in a lot of shifting colors, special shine and depth. Rather unpredictable and addictive.

I work my boro beads and wands on a Nortel Minor torch with 1 O2 concentrator.  With a stronger setup, you might get brigher colors and less haze.  Many of my boro beads are up for sale on StringyThingy.

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