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Friday, August 12, 2011

Book Review – Mosaic Art and Style

As a crafter and artist, I love looking at books with collections of other people’s work – and this book is outstanding. There isn’t even a hint of how to do mosaics here, so don’t expect to find project instructions, but if you’re like me, you’ll love the massive outpouring of creativity. The photos are (mostly) high quality and they’re grouped well, so thumbing through the books has a smooth feel. 

There were absolutely too many favorites for me to add all the photos to my blogpost, but I’ve selected a few (provided courtesy of Quarry Books, who published this book). Mosaic Art and Style is packed with some absolutely stunning ideas for your home, some really crazy ideas that must have taken years to complete, and a few whimsical ideas that made me smile and that I would never undertake myself (like a mosaicked bicycle). Some artists have been profiled, and their profiles are like gems, little peeks into what makes them tick. Personally, I love that kind of stuff. (I read all the artist profiles on Etsy, too… maybe it’s just me.)

This book is truly inspirational: My overall gut response to this book is, “why aren’t I doing this??? A mosaicked (fill in the blank) would look great in my house/yard/studio, too!” As I noted, this isn’t a project book, but once you know the basics of mosaic technique, you’ll be able to suck in inspiration and motivation in equal parts.

The full name of this book is mosaic art and style DESIGNS FOR LIVING ENVIRONMENTS by JoAnn Locktov. If you go to Amazon.com and copy-paste in the entire name as I’ve typed it here, Amazon’s search will take you right to it.

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Anna Keene said...

What amazing projects!!!! I wish I had the time.

Anna Keene

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