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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Changes, Risk, and Reward....

About three weeks ago, I moved back to America.

There, I've said it. It's true.  Everything is changing - my life is changing, my business is changing, and my relationships with the people most important to me, my friends and family, are changing rapidly.

The name of my new business is Wild Roses Glass Art Studio and Gallery, and I'm now located in the beautiful town of Long Beach, Washington.  That's Washington state, on the west coast.  Where it "rains all the time."

Today I took the bus down to Astoria in Oregon - yes, I crossed state borders! - and took photos of Ilwaco, WA (where I had to switch buses) and one photo of Astoria, OR (where I ran errands).  All in the rain, so you can see how terrible the weather is up here.

This is the lovely Ilwaco Port. It's very quiet most of the year, and will open with a bang this weekend with some kind of parade and blessings for the fishing fleet.

 And here are some signs from Ilwaco Port:

Last day for this one:

And this is a sign you might only see in Colorado and Washington state:

This one you might only see in a Port village:

And finally, here's the road home:

My studio is somewhere floating over the seas, in a container.  I won't be doing glass work until July, most likely.  But I'll continue to update my blog with local photos as I get to know the area.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Project, First Cut!

I've accepted a new project - 3 large windows for a private client depicted the Jewish "7 kinds," or "Shivat HaMinim."  This is biblical agriculture, symbolic of the bounty of the holy land, and they are typical of what is native in the Mediterranean, and we all know that the Mediterranean diet is best, right?  They also happen to be fairly drought resistant, which is a good thing, considering the weather here.  No polar vortex for us, yet.

Getting back to glass, just what are the 7 kinds?  Dates, figs, olives, pomegranates, wheat and barley, and grapes. 

Just to make it crazier, I've given myself a personal challenge to complete a window a week.  If that fails, a window every 2 weeks.  I decided that I'd work on a third of each window at a time.  Yesterday I started cutting glass......

Here is the pattern for the first third, with the glass I picked out.

And here is the first group of glass from this pattern that I cut.... after grinding and washing, before foiling...



And here are those same pieces, ready to solder....
And here, tah dah.... is the finished third, date palms!

Tomorrow, I start the figs.... watch this space!

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