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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Here Comes the Sun....

Welcome to Glass & Light. If we haven't met before, you can visit my "other blog" (see link on the right) for a more personal view into my soul.

Summer has arrived and I'm celebrating with some sunny suncatchers! Years ago I came upon some pressed glass medallions in rich reds and yellows and couldn't resist them.

For those of you who are envious of Israel's beautiful, sunny weather, remember that it will only get hotter here until about October. And, unfortunately, we will probably not see rain until November....
Both these stained glass mobiles are available in my Etsy store (see the link below right for shop for stained glass....)

Monday, May 11, 2009

More Beads a'Comin......

Welcome to Glass & Light. If we haven't met before, you can visit my "other blog" (see link on the right) for a more personal view into my soul.

Jacob's Ladder is over - 3 looooong days of sun, fun and fantastic folk music on the Sea of Galilee. I've updated my websites (minus the items that sold) and will now start listing new items.

You'll soon see a lot of new beads in StringyThingy.... I'll list a few every day, once I've got my camera out and can take some new photos.

  • Erotic lampwork - aka Goddess Beads. I've got more naked women beads to put up.

  • Recycled glass beads - made from beer bottles, wine bottles, and a broken vase that a friend of mine donated.

  • Hollow beads - new, delightful, and full of color.

  • Sculptural beads - this overlaps with some of the other categories, but look soon for my psychedelic carrot and some new fish!

  • Spacers - I'll be grouping them by color or theme or perhaps whimsy, and offering them in sets. These sets will be offered at cost, basically, to move inventory.
Tips for Artists:
Are you in Israel, searching for new fairs to promote your work? JL's Spring Festival welcomes a limited number of artists/craftspeople who show their work to several thousand festival visitors, mostly "anglos" who appreciate our handcrafted creations. If you'd like more information about this fair, email me at cec235@hotmail.com

Saturday, May 2, 2009

May updates

Welcome to Glass & Light, Israel. If we haven't met before, you can visit my "other blog" (see link on the right) for a more personal view into my soul.

Some updates for today:
  • Jacob's Ladder! I'll be on the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee for those of you in the US) for 3 days of sun, fun and fantastic music, selling my glass art. If you're in Israel, I highly recommend this folk music festival. You can read all about it - and hear some of the music from years past, if you have speakers - at http://www.jlfestival.com/
  • No more Art Fire - - sorry, but I didn't enjoy being part of this virtual community. (Meaning... I didn't sell anything. Oh, well....) I had all my most elegant lampwork and gemstone necklaces listed there. After Jacob's Ladder, I'll be listing them in one of my other webstores.
  • Renovations, renovations, renovations; right after JL we'll be starting renovations to enlarge my studio, so that I'll be able to welcome visitors in style and offer workshops. For those of you who have queried me on workshops in the past, keep your eye on my website for updates, starting in June. (Yes, our construction manager swears it will all be done in 2 weeks... but is that really 2 weeks or 2 weeks in the south of Israel, which can stretch into 2 years?? We'll soon find out!)

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