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Friday, August 9, 2013

Glass & Metal

I've been offline a LOT this year...  I could blame my internet connection, which has been rather "iffy"... yes, we all have days like that (but 6 months? bleh...).  I've had a spot of problems with my studio, etc.  But the absolute real reason I haven't been posting is that I'm incredibly busy after increasing my responsibilities at my challenging day job and putting most of my free-time focus on both finishing up previous art commitments and learning new techniques.  Mostly metal techniques.  Eventually they all somehow enter my glass art designs, so I can excuse the time spent as worthwhile, besides being loads of fun.  I don't see myself becoming a jewelry designer, but "never say never" is my mantra when it comes to my creative crafts.
THIS... is a winged coat pin.  Fire agate, fine silver, German silver, sterling silver.  You'll have to tip your head sideways to see it, as blogger seems to prefer sharing it with us sideways only.  The little knobby thing (at the left) goes at the bottom, keeping the pin point from snagging on fabrics and generally keeping humanity safe, because that pin is sharp!

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