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Monday, April 11, 2011

Introducing Anna Keene - Jewelry Artist

Wire and bead pendant with dangles
I met Anna Keene some time ago through Etsy, and I have loved her work from the moment I found her store. I purchased earrings from Anna and I swear they are among the most beautiful I’ve ever worn but, more importantly, the friendship that we’ve forged has been a gift. Imagine my delight when she decided to make some jewelry using my beads (including the pieces shown here). I’m honored to feature her in my blog.

“I have always loved creating beautiful things and there is nothing I enjoy more than sitting with an idea and making it come to life.”

As a child, Anna loved drawing and could sit for hours cutting out pretty little things from paper. Her mother taught her to crochet and sew at a very early age - she even designed and made her own wedding dress.  Today, as the mother of seven beautiful red-headed, freckle-faced, wonderful children (thus her shop name Freckle Patch Design) she had to get creative when it came to finances; she started making handcrafted jewelry as a way to make a little extra money from home, plus she adored handcrafted jewelry but couldn't afford to buy it for herself. She decided to learn how to do simple wire wrapping, and simply fell in love with wire. Wire is her passion.

Wire spirals and glass pendant

Anna uses a variety of metals - her favorite wire is Argentium Sterling Silver. Argentium is a newer alloy that is very tarnish resistant and requires far less polishing and cleaning than traditional sterling. She uses it almost exclusively in her lovely designs.

“I am self-taught and I know I have a lot more to learn. I am the kind of person who really wants to know how to do everything…. I love the idea of starting with a blank slate, a few tools, and some simple supplies, and creating something wonderful!”

All of Anna’s pieces are completely handmade (not hand-assembled); she even makes her own ear wires and jump rings. The only things she purchases are wire and beads. Her designs are unique and many of her pieces are OOAK (that’s one-of-a-kind).

A custom bracelet collaboration - my beads and Anna's wire work - for my mother

Please visit Anna’s Shop – http://www.frecklepatchdesign.etsy.com/

Anna at her worktable


Kelli Foutz said...

Your beads are beautiful. Combined with Anna's wire skills, it is fabulous jewelry. I may be Anna's sister, but I am by no means biased. Her work is amazing! Thanks for sharing her skills on your blog!


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let Cec Know how much I appreciate her and how much I value our friendship. What a wonderful gift she is to me.
Anna Keene
Freckle Patch Design

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