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Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Disk-y Kind of Day!

Passover is done and I'm revving my energy back up to chaotic levels with several projects running in parallel...

My Books
The Glass Artist's Studio Handbook is almost here... it's so exciting!  It's available in pre-order on Amazon (see my link on the right) and I am simply IN LOVE with the front cover.  I'm very, very proud of the inside, too... while I'm going to immodestly claim the lion's share of the work, I couldn't have ever done it without the supportive team of Quarry editors, my photographer, and the contributing artists who generously opened their studios.

I look back on the past year of work and think that it has truly been an amazing, wonderful journey. And sometimes frightening... those deadlines were scary! Although the final manuscript is "only" 176 pages long, we submitted ("we" being me and the photographer) about 250 pages of manuscript and more than 900 photographs. I only wish there had been room for all of the material!

Now we're looking at marketing... and the Quarry folks have some wonderful ideas. I'll be sharing them here with you as the days skip towards July 1st - the day that GASH shows up on bookstore shelves!

My lampwork
It's been a disk-ish kind of week, actually. I've tried to spend a bit of time every day on the torch, and for a few days I was just doing disks. With one hole, it's a bead. With two, it's a button!

All for sale on http://www.stringythingy.etsy.com/

Lampwork Knits
You can find me now on Ravelry with some of my original knitwear designs. (OK, I confess - right now there's only one but it's a start!) I'm working on a new dress/tunic pattern - almost done - that will knock your socks sandals off! Maid Marion is knitted up in a delightful antique rose cotton, and includes colorwork, stitchwork, and beading. Perfect for cool summer evenings or a frolic at the beach. And with Israel's mild winters, I'll be able to wear it over a thin top and skirt for a layered look. Watch this spot for photos!

and last but not least...
Thank you to all my buyers - - you keep my business going!

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