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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Free Mosaic Pattern - Come and Get It!

Spinning Sun - an original micro-mosaic project!
This is a spin-off from the Glass Artist's Studio Handbook, and Quarry has generously given me their permission for me to offer on my website. Just to be clear - there are NO mosaics in my book. So why do I need their permission? (I can hear you asking yourselves...) Because it was originally submitted for the Handbook, and I'm using the photographs that were taken for the book. It's kind of a gray area, but the editors and I have a good relationship so we're doing this together. You definitely get the benefit :-)

Download the pdf instructions on the right (see the free patterns and projects list) by clicking on the name Spinning Sun Mosaic. I've rewritten it as a tutorial - the book has a much better layout, etc, but this is still lots of fun.

I would have loved to have included this project in the book - we had a whole chapter on mosaics with beautiful projects (if I must immodestly say so myself), and an entire section on setting up a glass art business. There simply wasn't enough room for it all... we did the best we could to cram it all in, then started cutting. That's part of editing, and my editors and I left in the best. This project is a darling, and I'm so happy I can share it with you!  We've got some more up our sleeves, so keep watching this blog for more projects.

Advanced Copy - What a wonderful surprise!
Quarry surprised me with an advanced copy of my book. There is something exhilerating - and unbelievable - about holding the book (an actual printed BOOK!) in my hands. Unexpectedly (to me, because I was so inexperienced), it took longer to give birth to this book than it did to give birth to any of my kids. Being pregnant was also easier, except for five months of throwing up in my third pregnancy. Let it be noted - writing a book is hard work!

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