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Friday, September 30, 2011

Spice Door Madness

My friends, Orli and Ron, were doing some kitchen renovations.  Ron made a wonderful wooden spice cabinet and they decided that what it needed was some stained glass!

The panel is about 43 cms square (17 inches on all sides) and afixed to the door with brass corner doodads (that's the professional term, of course). If you look carefully, you'll see eggplants on the left, tomatoes up top, and red-hot chili peppers growing on the right.  The project was a blast to do - I love the challenge of working inside someone else's imagination, which always prods me into new designs that I would never have thought of myself.  The panel's front is finished with a warm copper patina to match the wood of the cabinet and the overall feeling of their kitchen. I've left the back seams untreated, just oiled to protect them from the corrosion that is natural in their coastal home.

Because the colors don't show well in this photo (my biggest concern wasn't getting the light right, it was putting the door in a place where I wouldn't accidentally knock it over before delivering it to them!) I'm adding a photo of the panel before installation, leaning in a window.  It doesn't have direct light shining in from the back, but it is much brighter. 
Thank you, Orli and Ron!

And here it is installed, photo sent to me by Orli:

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