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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Chanuka Menora

Welcome to Glass & Light, Israel. If we haven't met before, you can visit my "other blog" (see link on the right) for a more personal view into my soul.

I'd like to share a photo of a special commission I just completed. Sure, it's a little late for this holiday, but the family fell in love with a menora - or Chanukia - they saw in our home and commissioned this one to take back with them to the USA. They plan on using it for many years to come; it will not only serve their traditions but be a very personal souvenir of their stay in Israel.

The glass cups can hold wicks and oil or candles. They can be removed for cleaning. The shamas (or head candle, as we called it when I was a kid) is at the top. You can just see its support on the highest edge. It also carries a cup, which doesn't show in the this photo.

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