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Sunday, February 10, 2013


Running my business through the internet has blessed me with opportunities to get to know people who I would never have otherwise met. The catalysts for our friendships, collaborations, and conversations have been creativity, tragedy, mutual interests, family celebrations and (sometimes) just good will and curiosity all around.

I'm thinking particularly of Anna and her wonderfully loving children who have embraced me as an honorary aunt, Candy and her daughters, Shelly and her husband Michael, and Julie who collects stamps and sends them to school children in Cuba so that they can learn about the world. Laura, who has helped me so much, Robert who makes beads from bottles and glittery pufferfish from papier mache, and Magali from Australia who I'll soon meet when she visits her sister. Beatriz who hopes to come to Israel one day, Simone in Brazil who teaches teens to work with glass as a key to getting them off the streets and away from crime, and Laura the librarian who loves cats and glass art.

There are so many others I should mention, and they are everywhere! Every single one of you - those I've mentioned and those I haven't, are all my kindred spirits in this crazy world. Even if we never meet in person, I’m blessed to have you in my life. You are inspiring!

For Adam…..


Anna Keene said...

Words cannot describe how much I love you Cec. You are the greatest blessing Etsy will EVER bring me.


the publisher said...

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Jason Murphy said...

Wonder what kind of flowering plants are those in the picture.
Etched Glass

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