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Friday, January 27, 2012

Ariella's Window....

A long-time friend commissioned three windows from me, each in honor of one of her kids.  They'll spend only a short time on display in Israel before being packed up and flown to New Mexico, where they'll be hung in a large window for all to enjoy.

I created the patterns for all three windows with the final destination in mind.  A huge stained glass window would be prohibitively expensive, so Suzanne suggested three separate panels, hung across the space.  These are the three patterns, and this is how they will eventually be hung.

The green band, which runs through all the panels, represents "prozdor yerushalayim," the forested route that crosses the country and leads up to Jerusalem.  The blues at the bottom represent the Mediterranean Sea, on Israel's coast.  The light blue section towards the bottom of the middle panel represents the Dead Sea, and the rocks underneath it are the cliffs that rise above the Dead Sea, along the Jordanian border.  A lot of the brown is desert. The grapes, pomegranates, and wheat depict Israel's agricultural bounty. The town at the very top is Jerusalem.

And this is the first of the windows, ready for delivery (shown next to its pattern).  It was made for Ariella, a charming toddler. 

You can see photos of the entire process of making Ariella's window (cutting, foiling, soldering, preparing the fused piece, applying patina, etc) in my Facebook page, Glass & Light, Israel.   Hope to see you there!

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