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Saturday, October 17, 2009

It might be snowing in New York, but flowers are blooming in Israel!

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For those of you heading into the winter months (and no matter how much you love them, they can be a little dark and gloomy!) I have some fresh flowers to offer you.  Each stained glass flower is unique and I've paid attention to even the smallest details to ensure they will give you years of pleasure. 

Here is the first bouquet - I'm holding them up in the bright morning sunlight so you can see their amazing glow.  Those with crystal centers will scatter sparkles of color into your home when direct sunlight shines through them, and they'll be pretty all day long.  A bit of color to lift your spirits! 

Almost all these blossoms, on the other hand, have stone centers (either agate or fossil).  While they look great in a window, I find they are better suited for a wall - for instance, hanging on a wall of an office cubical - where they can charm you throughout the day.

Every stained glass flower has a unique hanging wire or dangle, with beads especially suited for it. 

These flowers make excellent gifts or a treat to spoil yourself, for less than the cost of many other indulgences.  You can find most of them listed in my Etsy store Glass & Light

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