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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Glass & Light in the Hebrew News

My studio has generated an unusal amount of media interest in the past month, for which I'm grateful even if I don't have any idea what triggered it. I'm starting a new page with links to my Hebrew media and I'll update it if/when further articles appear.  In the meantime, here we are...

Israel Haiyom (Israel Today) is Israel's most-read newspaper (perhaps because it's free!). I was interviewed for an article about art and tourism in our area. The journalists spent almost an hour with me, and even photographed me lampworking (none of the photos made it into the article). They wrote lovely things about me and my work, and suggested that people visit my studio. Read it in Hebrew here.  Nov 2011.

Motsash (Saturday Night) interviewed me by phone for their Made in Israel feature and included photos of my work. Sigi Breuer, a charming neighbor, friend, and talented ceramics artist, shares the full page article with me (you can see her in the top photo, working on a flower). It's a very nice article and makes me sound much more dedicated than I feel on cold, raining mornings like today.  Read it in Hebrew here.  Nov 2011.

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