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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Introducing Daniel Castillo - Glass Artist

What's this all about??  One of the most painful parts of writing a book, I discovered, is having to cut other artists from my manuscript. I've decided to feature some of them in my blog, even though - or perhaps especially because - I couldn't keep them in the Glass Artist's Studio Handbook, even when I loved their work.   It's my pleasure and honor to introduce you to Daniel Castillo, an award-winning glass artist who lives in Canada.  Daniel's website is listed at the end, and I do recommend you visit him if you're in Ontario!

Daniel Castillo - Canada
Daniel Castillo has been creating stained glass and fused glass art for more than 20 years. His first studios were in South America – Colombia and Venezuela. Working with stained glass, Daniel says, taught him to work with light and space. He moved to Canada in 2007 and set up shop, creating large pieces like skylights and glass walls for both the public and private sector. His greatest challenges now, Daniel says, are becoming fluent in English and understanding the culture of his new home.

Daniel’s advice to new artists is to know exactly what techniques they will be working with and to invest themselves 150% into being an artist.

 “Seeing yourself as a full time artist, rather than a hobbyist or a part-timer, is an important factor. Success will follow the love and passion that you feel about your work.”

Visit Daniel's website: www.glasswaystudio.com

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